Flying House: The Best Bar Food We've Tasted Thus Far

September 04, 2017

It’s one of those mis-calculated, mis-planned food trips to Maginhawa, what was suppose to be a simple casual dinner with friends ended up with an inuman sesh (drinking session) when we arrived at maginhawa for about 10pm on a sunday, and as most would know and expect most restos by that time are already closed.

So we decided to check my golden checklist (and yes I do have a checklist of my future food trips) In my checklist says “Flying House - Maginhawa - Budgetarian - Midnight Hunger Friendly” it did not contain any photos or description as to the kind of food they offer on my list, so out of curiosity as to what Flying House is we decided to check it out. 

At first to be completely honest we really have our hearts and mind set on a casual dinner, so we entered Flying House with a doubtful mind.

BUT OMG YOU GUYS, we are shocked, FLYING HOUSE HAS ONE OF THE BEST BAR FOOD WE’VE TRIED THUS FAR, like legit delish, let me walk you through it……. 

Quesidilla (180php)

Tortilla stuffed with lots of cheese

I’m a huge fan of this Mexican dish, I just love it and Flying House did not disappoint. It’s very flavorful, with a subtle kick. You can really taste the ground beef that was cooked perfectly. and the Pita was cooked to perfection.

Sisig Pizza

This is a bit of a yes and no. We’re loving it because of the rich sisig flavor, and the toppings which are given handsomely, there was a kick of spice. However, we are not a fan of it’s oiliness, but we love this dish nonetheless

Mac and Cheese (240php)
Macaroni in creamy cheese sauce with garlic bread

It tasted a bit basic, but we’re loving how the cheese is literally overloading

Spam Kilawin (210php)

An original Flying House recipe, Spam cooked in vinigar

This is a unique one, it’s our first time to come across such dish, and we are loving it. It was a total surprise and the vinigar mixes well with the other ingredients

The place itself looks awesome, with brooklyn loft vibes and industrial elements, I'm loving the interior of flying house, The bare ceiling was indeed a nice touch and is an "it" thing in the world of interior design right now. 

It has an indoor dining, and an al fresco area where you can smoke, although Im not sure if you can still smoke there given the recently passed smoking ban. The al fresco area is a bit messy with a huge block of freezer at the back and some beer cases at the side.

but overall this place looks great, however the bar is a tad bit too small and can get over crowded on happy hours

I can't give the staff a solid critic because our interaction was so minimal which is abit expected from most bars. The staff here are what we call normal or regular, they get your order, deliver, give and receive the bill, nothing new, nothing special. They don't even smile at you or talk you through their menu. but I'm not complaining, like what I said earlier, this is expected from most bars.

To cap it all off, we loved drinking or dining which ever way you see it, at Flying House, we will definitely be returning for more tho I hope they still have a smoking area. We're giving them a 3.5/5 mostly for the food

10-B Malingap cor. Malumanay St.
Teachers Village, Quezon City
Tuesday-Sunday 5pm - 1am


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