10 Things To Do When You Have No Money in a Burgis Hotel (Nobu Hotel Staycation)

October 14, 2017

I got the opportunity to stay at Nobu Hotel in the City of Dreams, Manila for free, and is now faced with the ultimate dilemma of how I can enjoy myself and maximize my staycation with only P200 on my wallet in a burgis (rich people) place #YuppieProblems 

Surprisingly enough I was able to do a lot, of course I did have a little help from my dad which I’ll get to in a while, but all in all, the things I was able to do came free. So here’s my Top 10 Things To Do When You Have No Money in a Burgis Hotel.

Go ahead and enjoy your fancy room, with gorgeously fine linens and soft feather pillows and stay in bed for a much needed rest from being a simpleng mangagawa to a spoiled burgis man

Nobu’s rooms are gorgeous with a lot of dimmable lighting and a black out shades to make their guest feel more homey and help their guests sleep through daylight.

While we’re on the subject of maximizing your room utilization, go turn that TV on and enjoy lots and lots of cable exclusive channels. Don’t just watch Showtime or Ika-6 Na Utos, I mean come on you can do that at home.

At an affordable price you can also watch movies that have recently been shown in theaters, we watched Wonder Woman cuz it was relatively new then. 

Nobu has a very nice infinity pool with the view of the gorgeous Nobu Hotel Building. The staff there are very nice and accomodating, the water is clean, and the best part is it’s free.

Going to the pool area, the staff will immediately greet you and take you to an available pool lounge where you can bum all day long. They also give out free cold water and ask you if you need anything else.

Given that this is a burgis hotel, you need to really follow strict pool guidelines. So NO Titas!, you cannot wear your cotton t-shirts from your office team building in the pool.

Ugh nothing sounds better than free food. Agree? of course you do, who doesn’t love free food? Well technically it is not cuz it’s included in the room rate but still. Guests at Nobu Hotel can enjoy free breakfast buffet at the Nobu Restaurant. 

To the best of my memory, I remember there was an egg station where you can ask the cook to make your eggs the way you like it, a protein station where there are various selection of breakfast meat dishes, a vegetable section, a juice station, and some sort of porridge station

You can ask to be seated outside cuz it’s less crowded, although we opted to sit inside the restaurant as it’s closer to the buffet table.

I'll be honest, I did go to the gym, but that’s all I did, I just went, period. I didn’t use any equipments or weights and what not. Simply because I didn’t bring any gym attire and also cuz I do not like exercising (that’s probably why I’m so fat, I better change that soon)

I was not able to take a photo cuz I don’t want people to think; “who’s this creep wearing a bathrobe (I just finished swimming that’s why I’m in a robe) taking pictures of all these women" (eventhough I’m not interested, obvi)

Let’s face it it’s hard to enjoy at a burgis hotel without money so I called in re-enforcements aka my dad and my sis, to treat me at the bar and maybe dinner. This is basically a life hack for everyone, if you don’t have any money ask someone else who you love and loves you back completely to pay for your happiness (not in a gold digger kinda way of course) 

So first thing we did is to have dinner at Cafe Society which specializes in pastries and sandwiches. 

Next we went to the Wave bar, located beside the pool area for some much needed alcohol fix.

I love their cocktails, plus cuz alcohol is life soooo... moving on.

Don’t give me that look, you know you do it too. You’re not a filipino if you don’t hoard all the freebies of the hotel. Hey, there’s nothing bad about that, you did pay for those so what’s the harm?

Just don't take home fixtures and cutleries cuz then that's what we call stealing.

Every burgis hotel is built with elegance and class. Their aesthetics is definitely a sight to behold. This is one of my favorite things to do in every place I go, to appreciate the art and ambiance of the place.

Or if you're not into that sort of thing, you can always take a lot of pictures for your social media accounts as we all know how instagram conscious people are. 

My sister brought with her this facial mask she bought prior to our stay there and we just ended up having a little DIY spa sesh at a fraction of the price at the Hotel's own spa. although I'm not saying "do this instead of going to the hotel's spa" but if you're as broke as I am, this is not a bad alternative

I'm not a bookie, but I am a law student so reading is always a part of my day, and my sister's too. Where better to study or read a good book than in a relaxing and very serene place like a burgis hotel

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I definitely enjoyed our staycation at Nobu Hotel. My last piece of advice when staying at a place that is beyond your means is first DONT; second, if you're like me and have no choice, just learn to appreciate the simplest things in life, then you'll start to be amazed with all the wonders the place has in store, and lastly, just be resourceful, you can never go wrong with being resourceful.

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If you're looking to stay at Nobu Hotel, these are the details

Nobu Hotel
Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard,
Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701,
Manila, Philippines
(+632) 800 8080



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