Teaspoon Cafe, a Hidden Treasure of Angeles Pampanga

October 07, 2017

We had our annual daddy's side of the family gathering at Angeles Pampanga, where we had lunch at one of the restos I'll be featuring soon. Afterwards, we decided to look for a cafe to have our daily dose of caffeine and desserts of course. We found, Teaspoon Cafe, which is a cafe like no other, keeping good company through good music, coffee and food.

I love their desserts and drinks. Unfortunately I cannot give individual critiques of their pastries and drinks like what I usually do, as I was not able to taste them all thoroughly cuz literal food coma, hello! (plus I lost my notes so this is all from how I remembered them) 

I'm just going to share what I love about them in general, and maybe a little specific critiques here and there.

Red Velvet Choco Cake (120php)

Starting things off with their pastries, their cakes are moist and fluffy which I love, the icings are a tad bit too sweet but it was rationed well with the cake which compliments each other making it a scrumptious ensemble. 

 Blueberry Cheesecake (120php)

For their cheese cake, the flavor was on point, however I do have an issue with the construction as the crust was uneven and there are parts where the Queso de Bola was too heavy, but I would commend how perfectly baked it is, no burnt sides and it was not too dry.

smile-Nutty Velvet Cake (120php), teaspoon-Choco Nutela Cake(135php), and love-Queso de Bola Cheesecake (110php)

They have a huge selection of pasties on display at the counter and me oh my I'd love to try them all once I get back. They also serve meals which I'd also like to get back to someday.

Cafe Latte (85php)

As far as their drinks are concerned, In general they are sweet as sweet can be, but are truly refreshing. 

Iced Mocha (120php)

Their Iced drinks are served in these mason jars often with whip cream and syrup on top. While their hot drinks are served in this cute cups, with the exception of the brewed coffee which is served in a coffee press pot.

left to right: Brewed Coffee (150php) and Iced Matcha Green Tea (160php)

My personal favorite is the Iced Matcha Green Tea, cuz I'm a matcha kind a guy.

Ice Blended Cookie Monster (160php)

The decor can be described as a very hipster, with grecian elements and a lot of pastels. It's very pinteres-y and oh so instagram worthy.

Their main counter is a hodge podge of knick knacks that looks so cohessive. I'm loving their brass electric fan and the pen lights.

The place reminds me of the musical, Mama Mia. Those mix match of different chairs, exposed wood, lot's of greens, the tiles, arched windows and the hanging lights are very reminiscent of Mama Mia's island decor that is all in all very greek.

The place is very serene, It's the perfect place to study or have group meetings or even a quick get together with friends and/or family.

The staff are quick at adhering to our needs and requests, they serve with a smile and I cannot complain about their excellent service.

We love this cafe, it's one of the best cafes outside of metro that we've ever been at. The pastries are baked perfectly well, the decor is love and the service was excellent. We're giving them a rating 3.5/5. I only wish their drink choices are as unique as their desserts.

Teaspoon Cafe
Unit D t4 Bldg. Fil Am, Frienship Highway, Cutcut, Angeles City


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