DIY Memory Ticket Box (Thrift Shop Challenge)

November 01, 2017


I saw this old box frame on a thrift shop, and I got it immediately not only because it cost me 25php but also because we have the same exact decor in our old condo bathroom, although ours is still in good shape.

 As you can see this box frame's a bit  out of shape. the frame is dented, paint's are chirped, the glass is dirty and the back board and side fillers actually fell off.

At first I thought of simply restoring it but I remembered a DIY by the SorryGirls where they made a memory box frame, which they filled with concert and airplane tickets. So I was inspired and decided to make my own version. It's perfect for my birthday month DIY series as it celebrates life all throughout the years.

If you don't have a box frame, don't fret, this is totally doable, I saw and bought another box frame at the stationary section of SM Department Store which is also on sale for only 75php (formerly 250php) also some craft stores in Divisoria has one.

If you don't know what a box frame is, its basically a frame with a space between the glass and the back board, unlike the normal picture frame where the picture and the frame are pressed onto the glass of the frame. 

  • Illustration board
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cutter or an exacto knife
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Masking Tape

*If you have a new box frame you can skip some steps

Step 1: First thing I did was to remove the back board and side pannels, set it aside, and washed the glass and the frame so that the paint can stick well

Tip: do the dissecting very carefuly, you might end up destroying the whole thing

Step 2: once the glass is dry I placed some stencils on the glass and secured it with masking tape. you can do any silhouette that you would like or any color you'd prefer. I used geometric diamonds as it goes well with my room decor

Step 3: I painted the glass using acrylic paint and a paint brush (Hello pink glove!)

Tip: I discovered using a paint sponge would be better as using a paint brush leaves brush marks

Step 4: While the paint is still wet gently remove the stencil. and wait for it to dry.

Tip: The reason why is because when you let acrylic paint dry on glass it will end up with a latex like texture that'll stick to your stencil which will totally ruin your silhouette once you remove the stencil.

Step 5: I covered the side fillers with white bond paper cuz the side fillers look sooo dirty and yellowish. (If you're using a new box you can definitely skip this step)

 Step 6: I placed the glass with the painted side facing inside the frame and re-attached the side fillers using glue gun to secure them at the sides.

Step 7: Using the old back board trace a new one on an illustration board then cut it

Step 8: using a cutter and ruler I cut a long and slim rectangle on the new backboard so that I can insert my tickets without removing the backboard everytime I acquire new tickets.

Step 9: once that's done I can now re attached the back board.

Tip: I only used masking tape so that if I need to clean the inside of the box or to remove some contents, it wouldn't be hard to remove

Step 10: Fill it up with random memories. I inserted some plane tickets, that I was lucky enough to have saved (I now regret not saving all the plane tickets I had in the past) and as you can see I made another one, this one I'm going to fill with movie tickets since I'm a huge movie junkie.

Thrifted box frame (Thrift Store)                                                      25php
New Box Frame (SM department Store, or specialty craft store)     75php
Acrylic Paint (any book or craft stores)                                            65php
Illustration board (any bookstore or craft shop)                              15php

Total                                                                                                   105php / 155php

  • This will make an awesome future gift for your parents or significant others or your friends. just fill it up with memories shared together.
  • You can also make one for events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc. and ask your guests to write a message on a piece of paper and insert them on the box so you wouldn't have that testimony frame filled with ugly handwriting. 
  • You can also make one for fund raising events or honest coffee shops kinda thing and let people insert money inside the box.
  • The possibilities are endless; If you're a foodie, you can have a recipe memory box. If you love photography you can print some of your photos and insert it there. If you're a fashionista, you can insert your clothing tags there. If you're a disgusting perv, maybe some condom wrappers with the initials of your conquests? hahahaha (I dunno I'm not a perv obvi #defenssive)

Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end, I love this DIY so much, and it's the perfect DIY to start my birthday month DIY. As I grow older I begin to acquire a sentiment for my experiences and life memories that I just neglected once the experiance is over when I was younger. If you like this DIY make sure to visit my previous DIY Traveler's "I was here" corkboard


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