Gift Ideas for Men

November 30, 2017

Men, they are the hardest to shop gifts for as most of them would shy away from telling you what they want but the truth of the matter is, they love receiving gifts just as much as women do. Most of us would resort to giving these guys; mugs, or T-shirts or handkerchiefs. Ditch them all and follow my advice and that man in your life, whether he's a friend, a brother, a father, a partner,  a grandad, a colleague, is sure to love these gifts.

*Disclaimer: Prices may change

The Gentleman is a man of expensive taste and a thirst for the finest things. He’s very eloquent and well mannered. You’d know one when you see one, he’s very well dressed, often times with very expensive clothing. He’s clean cut and well educated.

1. The Bearded GentAli Pomade Ocean Waves, P359.00            BUY IT NOW
2. ParkerUrban Matte Black Fountain Pen, P4,183.40                BUY IT NOW
3. OEMWooden Air Humidifier, P2,039.00                                   BUY IT NOW
4. Loop ToneVintage Turntable Portable Suitcase, P5,929.00    BUY IT NOW
5. OEMWhiskey Flask with Funnel, P546.00                                BUY IT NOW
6. TooArtsMetal Weaving Cattle Sculpture, P1,600.00                 BUY IT NOW
7. EozyRhombus Print Socks Set, P426.00                                  BUY IT NOW
8. KangarooPremium Leather Messenger Bag, P990.00             BUY IT NOW

When Shopping for the gentleman you must never result to knockoffs, unknown brand stuff are better than knockoffs. The thing you need to make sure is that your gift be CLASSY, CLEAN CUT, and EXPENSIVE LOOKING

Also known as a Fashionister (yes that slang word exists) these men are seriously into fashion and style. To a fashion guy, appearance and looks are everything, they are hard to shop for as they are extremely picky with their stuff. These are not always for the gays ladies, straight men can be fashionisters as well.

1. OEM, Faux Racoon Fur Baseball Cap, P576.00                       BUY IT NOW
2. MoonarMK13 Floral Ties, P647.00                                            BUY IT NOW
3. MoonarMK10 Floral Ties, P647.00                                            BUY IT NOW
4. OEMJacquard Arts Socks, P376.00                                         BUY IT NOW
5. OEMWide Brim Wool Fedora, P521.00                                     BUY IT NOW
6. Happy SocksCombed Cotton Socks, P727.00                          BUY IT NOW
7. New CoastHandmade Leather Messenger Bag, P2,225.00     BUY IT NOW
8. OEMGenuine Leather Men's Clutch, P1,261.50                       BUY IT NOW

Go for accessories rather than clothes, make sure that the accessory looks decent enough and remember that to a fashion guy nothing is too feminine as long as it’s from the men's section of the boutique.  

The Geeks here in the Philippines are huge DOTA fans or whatever it is they play nowadays (I’m sorry I really don’t know), they are also addicted to comics, games and anime. 

1. DC Comics, Flashpoint, P3,603.00                      BUY IT NOW

2. FunkoBlack Batman, P699.75                           BUY IT NOW

3. FunkoGOT John Snow, P625.00                       BUY IT NOW

4. Star WarsSnapback, P399.75                            BUY IT NOW

5. UnspecifiedBatman Wall Clock, P828.00          BUY IT NOW

6. KuhongBatman Sweatshirt, P727.00                BUY IT NOW

7. FunkoC3PO, P595.00                                         BUY IT NOW

8. FunkoBB-8, P699.75                                          BUY IT NOW

When shopping for the Geek, Funko Pop action figures are always a safe bet. Also, superhero movies have gotten a lot of mass hysteria, so gifting a latest superhero movie merch is a safe bet as well

These are the guys who never takes life seriously and their lives are a huge ball of fun. Having a fun time all day everyday is their only priority. You’d often find them at rave clubs, or any bar that has beer pong.

1. Man, BaliComb, P550.00                                         BUY IT NOW
2. WoooowHip Pocket Flask, P1,348.00                    BUY IT NOW
3. OEMLed Alarm Clock, P1,357.00                          BUY IT NOW
4. Jack DanielsJack Daniels Whiskey, P1,499.00     BUY IT NOW
5. ManSuave Light, P727.00                                       BUY IT NOW
6. CasioG-Shock 110GW-7A , P5,910.00                    BUY IT NOW
7. KirklandPremium Beer Pong Cups, P300.00         BUY IT NOW

8. Johnnie WalkerBlack Label, P1,499.00                   BUY IT NOW

The Party boy is not as hard to shop for as these men are highly appreciative, but if you must really please these guys, get them something fun or trendy. 

You know one or two of these guys, A tech savvy is someone who’s addicted to technology. They know all the latest releases and even future ones, also they understand how technology works. Remember that friend you called for help when your MacBook hanged? that’s the tech savvy guy.

1. Asus, ZenPower Powerbank 10050mah, P689.00                      BUY IT NOW
2. OEMWireless Earphones with Charging Dock, P1,194.30     BUY IT NOW
3. OEMBluetooth Keyboard for Tablets P1,096.00                      BUY IT NOW
4. OEMBluetooth Slim Headset, P2,967.00                                  BUY IT NOW
5. OEMBluetooth GamePad for Tablets, P1,804.00                     BUY IT NOW
6. OEMAndroid Charging Dock, P471.00                                     BUY IT NOW
7. OEMSamsung Galaxy Tab Rugged Case P899.00                  BUY IT NOW

8. LenovoLaptop Bag, P1,026.00                                                   BUY IT NOW

They are not necessarily hard to shop for but their wish list can be quite expensive. Too please one without breaking your bank, try to look for unique tech stuff that is within your budget, or get them an accessory for the gadgets that they already have such as earphones, cases, etc.

These are the hardworking individuals, who are aiming to climb up the corporate ladder (or whatever ladder their chosen field has.) For the sake of generality, I would therefore include college students as they are also in their way to expand their knowledge on their chosen craft. The Career men are practical men, they choose function over design (although not always)
1. Bostanten, Cowhide Leather Wallet, P539.00                       BUY IT NOW
2. PapernotesDenim Journal, P269.10                                    BUY IT NOW
3. MoleskineClassic Large Notebook, P1,200.00                   BUY IT NOW
4. BostantenLeather Laptop Bag, P2,593.00                           BUY IT NOW
5. ZMGangGold Plated Quartz-Watch, P1,379.10                   BUY IT NOW
6. KangarooGenuine Leather Business Bag, P1,099.00        BUY IT NOW
7. Louis WillCaligraphy Fountain Pen, P516.00                      BUY IT NOW

8. UnspecifiedWood Led Alarm Clock, P652.00                      BUY IT NOW

He's quite easy to shop for. As long as your gift is functional, the career man will love it. Infact if you already bought a lot of mugs prior to reading this article, just give it to the career man, he'll appreciate it better than the other types here in the list.

The travelers are the explorers of the society, they love the outdoors and are not afraid to get down and dirty. They love nature and everything it has to offer, they are open minded, sociable, and active people (trust me I'm not describing a pyramid scammer #shade) They are the easiest to get along with. 

1. OEM, 40L Hiking Backpack, P2,243.00                      BUY IT NOW
2. OEMRussian Military Watch, P546.00                      BUY IT NOW
3. OEMUniversal Adapter, P729.00                              BUY IT NOW
4. OEMTropical Board Shorts, P900.00                        BUY IT NOW
5. OEMGalaxy Board Shorts 1, P900.00                       BUY IT NOW
6. OEMGalaxy Board Shorts 2, P900.00                       BUY IT NOW
7. BostantenLeather Weekender Bag, P3,329.10          BUY IT NOW

8. FengShengBeach Tent, P2,250.00                             BUY IT NOW

They don't normally have a preference when it comes to receiving gifts and leaves the giver to decide whatever they would want to give them. My only advice is to give them something that they can actually use in their many adventures. No.3 is my most recommended for the worldly travelers, No.4-6 for beach rats, and No. 2 for extreme adventurist.

Most athletes are into sports, but for the sake of this category, the athletes are not necessarily into sports they could be gym rats or someone who’s extremely health conscious. To disqualify, this does not include avid followers of sports who are not proactive themselves.

1. One Goal, Citrus Zinger Water Bottle, P637.00            BUY IT NOW
2. UnspecifiedWeightlifting Gloves, P456.00                  BUY IT NOW
3. UnspecifiedPro Weighted Jump Rope, P647.00         BUY IT NOW
4. FitbitFitness Smartwatch, P600.00                              BUY IT NOW
5. OEMBoxing Speed Bag, P786.00                                BUY IT NOW
6. PAlightHeavy Resistant Fitness Band, P417.00          BUY IT NOW
7. Do My BestSmartphone Arm Band, P239.40               BUY IT NOW

8. LalangBlue Gym Bag, P649.00                                     BUY IT NOW

Get them a gift that could help them in their fitness endeavors, maybe something that could help them maintain their shape even at home. 

Thank you so much for sticking with me through the end, this is probably the most effortful article I've ever written, but there are more where that came from this December, Up Next: GIFT IDEAS FOR WOMEN.


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