That Time We Celebrated Christmas Twice

December 30, 2017

Basically my dad has his flight scheduled on the 25th in a surprising turn of events, see, we did not expect him to be home for christmas because of his job, and we intended to celebrate christmas with a simple dinner at home, but when the news broke out about his return, I put on my DIY thinking hat, and decorated our house and planned this elaborate fancy feast in honor of his return on the 25th. My mom cooked, obvi. 

We celebrated both on the 24th and 25th of december just cause. Here's what went down;

To keep traditions running we still celebrated Christmas on the 24th up to christmas eve. We didn't do much as we were reserving all our energy for the fancy feast we're about to have on the 25th, when we're finally complete.

As the title suggests we had cocktails and sported our jammies, even the doggies are in their onesies. We had some Caramel liquor, and popped a bottle of Hoegarden till the eve of Christmas.

Again we kept things simple so we only had chicken popsicles and lasagna for our Noche Buena.

So daddy's back we spent the entire day, preparing for it and fetching him at the airport. It amazes me how productive we were that day.

Like I always say, "Go Big or Go Home" in this case I'm already home so the only thing left to do is GO BIG! I prepared the table setting, the napkin holder, and centerpiece are all DIY's, we brought out our china from thailand and crystal glasses (Could I be any more EXTRA!) 

(This inspired me a lot, so expect a lot of fancy guides this 2018)

We transformed our kitchen counter to a buffet table, and had this little side bar for all the drinks. I DIYed that christmas mobile wall art (I'll post instructions soon)

Mom cooked, Roast Chicken, Pancit Canton, Patatim, Kare Kare, and Chrispy Lechon, and we had Maja Blanca, and Leche Flan for dessert. Of course what's a fancy feast without some wine to complement it.

We exchanged gifts after dinner, but mostly it was, "give mommy and daddy their gifts" hahahaha. Cuz we already had our gifts prior to christmas, and jeff and my sister already knew what I have for them since they chose their gifts themselves, likewise with me.

If it isn't obvious yet, this year's color is the classic holiday red. We always have a color theme every christmas, last year we were in black, the year before that we were in purple.

Nothing beats spending the holidays with the people you love, it makes any christmas celebrations extra special no matter where you are or what you're doing.


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