Arcas Yard, A place of Culture, Art and Good Food (BONUS! A Sneak Peak into The Erotica Themed Arcas Yard)

February 12, 2018

There’s nothing I love more than, culture, art and good food and Arca’s Yard has it all. This cafe showcases authentic woodcarvings and magnificent paintings sourced and procured from all over the Philippines. They also have books which you can actually read as you dine. These are all the collection of one Ninj Sabado, the proud owner of Arca’s Yard. Arca’s Yard was introduced to me as a gallery *slash* cafe which in a nutshell embodies what Baguio is.

We went there on a Monday and was greeted by Ms. Brenda who was more than happy to assist us, and accommodated all our questions regarding this famous cafe. Mrs. Sabado even talked to us, and welcomed us to her lovely cafe.

The cafe stands on a hill side which gives the dinners a lovely view of Baguio’s natural forests which is becoming scarce today. There are plenty of seating options for everyone, there’s the regular indoor dining tables, cafe sofas, Japanese inspired dining option, and there’s al fresco, (they have three terraces and one of them is pet friendly) You can say that they have something for every type of diner, whether you’re adventurous or chill or a fine dining kind of person, Arca’s Yard will not disappoint.

The staff were very quick to respond, and friendly, I love how they always smile, at first I thought, “are they just smiling because they know what I do, or do they really do that” and you all know me, I’m an observer, I observe everything down to the tiniest detail. I watched as a staff explained a tea to a customer while smiling and observing candor and respect towards the customer who, shall I say, is kinda douchy. I watched from the reflection of the window if their facial expression changes as they turn their backs on you, it doesn't btw, they are still calm and smiling. 

I just have to give the staff some props. Trust me, I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in Baguio and most of them employ snub waiters, annoyed greeting waitresses, and downright rude staff, Arca’s not one of them. 

I simply asked Ms. Brenda what their recommendations are and ordered those...

 Strawberry Smoothie (105php) and Arca's Cloud Tea (60php)
Lechon Kawali (240php) 

There's not much that I can say about their food but BRAVA! Every single dish, its own character, every meat cooked to perfection, and every sauce seasoned well. I happen to love the Crispy Lemon-Orange Chicken, it's my favorite out of everything we've tasted from Arca's

 Crispy Lemon-Orange Chicken (240php)

You can taste the Lemon and the orange perfectly and the flavor just bursts out in your tongue, the chicken is quite tender and juicy which made me love this dish so much more

 Pumpkin Soup (60php)

One thing tho, and trust me Im just nitpicking here, I wish they could have garnished their pumpkin soup, maybe using droplets of cream, or some herbs on top or add croutons. I mean every dish was garnished and presented well, even their rice was heart shaped, I just think this soup needs a little more "umph" styling-wise. You know what I always say, in this world of social media and instagram, the presentation and styling is just as important as the taste. MAKE NO MISTAKE this critique applies only to the pumpkin soup, which is nonetheless delish.

 Arca's Basil Pesto Pasta With Tuna (220php)

Kamote Pie 

OMG this pie, this pie, I'm in love with it, It's Arca's original recipe, Kamote Pie served with vanilla ice cream on top. I love how thin the crust is and how generously the pie filling was given, I mean look at it, it basically makes up 98% of the dish (i hate pie crusts). It basically reminded me of that sweet potato pie I ordered way back when (in China) but this is so much better. Kudos to the chef!

Mrs. Sabado and Ms. Brenda gave us an exclusive tour on the new addition to Arca’s Yard, an Erotica Themed Annex Cafe, filled with erotic wood carvings and paintings. As far as food is concerned the same beloved recipes will be served.

Obviously this is only for those who are open minded, comfortable with their own bodies, sexuality, and carries a certain maturity that can appreciate vaginal and penis art. 

I happen to love it, A LOT, it’s good to see a Filipino owned cafe that’s throwing itself out there in this society filled with people who thinks conservative equals class, (It does not people, it does not, class is about maturity of the mind).

One thing tho, I hope that they’d really push the envelope further with this one, like keep the menu but change the names of the food into something erotic, and really stick with the theme, like their famous original Kamote Pie into KEPAY (in gay lingo that’s vagina), I mean you’re already eating with a vagina wood carving behind you might as well order “kepay.” If Arca’s able to find that sweet balance between erotica and class with their food names, this new addition is a sure fired hit, Im sure of it! well, at least for me and my people (ahem LGBT community, how you doin?) and trust me my people are plenty.

Mad ideas aside I’m actually excited for this one, and I’d love to visit it once it opens on March. I’ll keep you guys posted on any announcement with regards to this.

Im obsessed people, would I come back? uhm MOST DEFINITELY! I'm hoping for great things with regards to their under construction erotica cafe and Im looking forward to my next visit at Aracs's. I highly recommend this cafe for your next trip to Baguio.

Arca's Yard

#777 Tip-Top City Limit, Ambuklao Road, Baguio City
(074) 442 – 9706
0929 325 1868



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