How I Met Your Father (As told to my Dogs)

June 23, 2018

Kids, the story of how I met your father, started all the way back in 2012. We first saw one another at Mcdonalds when your uncle Aster introduced your father to our college political party as a potential candidate for student council elections. At the time I was distancing myself from the party since there has been a lot of drama inside which I no longer want to be a part of, it’s safe to say that I wanted to leave that party then, so I didnt really acknowledge your father’s presence, instead I sat at the adjacent table near them with my other colleagues.  However we did exchange glances occasionally but really didn't bother talking to each other.  

I decided to stay at the political party as my deep passion to actually make a change and not abandoning my friends whom I call my family in college was stronger than the stress it caused me. So the second time I saw him was at a political party training, where I realized something about your father, he had a lisp, so in my head he was “the guy with the lisp” since I didn’t really took the time to actually know him.

He then started flirting with my then friend, so we did forcibly became acquaintances, and the running gag of me and your father becoming “boyfriends” somehow caught on. So we called each other “boyfie” despite knowing very little about each other. Then we discovered he was flirting with various of people.  

This piece of information did not however bother my friend then. Since she basically is after one thing only, since you’re both still too young, and I don’t want Google demonetizing this post let’s just say she’s after “playing patty cakes” with him. Anyway...

At the summer of 2013 I was courting this wonderful person who is one of my best friends. Me and my best friend was having "the talk” on where the relationship might go, this happened on top of a roof at our friend’s rest house. Now you can choose to believe this part, but I swear it happened. There was a shooting star that came across the sky that night, and all I wished was “I wish to be happy with an awesome lovelife" hoping that my best friend was the one. Unfortunately just after making that wish, she informed me that she just wants to stay friends. In my head I was like “damn you shooting star you psyched me”. Im not going to lie kids, this did broke my heart, so to mend it, I went back to who I was before all of this. I went to bars every single night and "played patty cake” with a lot of people. 

While I was busy "playing patty cakes”. my then friend finally had enough of your father’s flirty ways, so she enlisted my help to get even, our plan was then simple, I make your papa fall inlove with me, then break his heart on his birthday to teach him a lesson. I agreed to this since Im pretty good at wearing my heart on my sleeves, I was a horrible person then and I did want to help my friend. 

So the plan went on, I sent flirty and suggestive texts, as he did as well, and we went on dates, we’d travel home together since we’re both from QC. I did learn a lot about him and started to grew fond of him. 

There was a time when as we were traveling home, in my sister’s car that I borrowed. The song "Passenger Seat” played on the radio, then I felt something, like a little spark, so to speak. The song just sent shivers (the good kind) into my whole body and the car went silent for a long time. We jokingly talked about what happened, he told me that he was “kinilig” and couldn’t move due to extreme kilig, this was weird since I felt the exact same way. I wanted to back out of the plan because of fear that I might actually fall in love, and I couldn’t let that happen because, one, I was happy playing patty cakes with other people, two, I was being courted by another person who I must admit did actually had a chance with me and three, I know that it’ll hurt my friend’s feelings. So I started to back away little by little and lived my best life.

Then my friend started flirting and kissing with your father again, which confused me, she wanted me to make this guy pay for being a slut, but every chance she’d have to flirt and kiss with him, she’d take. So I completely just left the plan hanging. Since I too was starting to develop feelings.

There was this one night when your uncle Aster called me and asked me if Im available for drinks, I said yes and he went all the way to QC to meet me and some of his friends for a drink. At the bar, your uncle Aster wanted me to sit next to your father, but I didn’t, I sat next to your uncle. Aster then whispered to my ear “Feeling ko bet ka niya” (I think he likes you) to which I joking said “lahat naman bet ako ee” (doesn't everyone?) and he was like “No, like bet na bet” (No, he more than likes you). 

The night went on and I can feel everyone trying to ship us, even your uncle’s friends who I just met was really pushing it. I looked at your father with the question in my head that says “why not?” he looked at me as if he was trying to say something but we just played coy the entire night

That night had me thinking, “we can’t be together, we just can’t” I said to myself “we’re too very different people, he’s optimistic, happy go lucky, carefree guy and Im this pessimist, plan-everything, career oriented robot”. Then I received a text from him that says the three most impactful yet simple words “I love you” and all my thoughts went blank, and allowed myself to just fall in love.

On the 10th of May 2013 we finally made things official. Of course we went to a lot of the typical couple stages like The Honeymoon Phase, the "We’re Forever" Phase, the "We’re the best couple" phase, the cat and mouse phase, everything.

 We lived together as early as our 2nd month anniversary. It was a bittersweet situation, as we learned more negative stuff about each other than positive. I learned that he was lazy, and just prefer to stay in bed with his phone which is one of my pet peeves, we’d often fight about chores and the works, I make him buy stuff from the grocery just to get his behind out of bed, which also causes a lot of issues and he learned that I’m obsessed with dogs, and he hates dogs, like madly afraid of dogs.

But we each learned to adjust. I became less bossy, he started being pro-active in our political party, and we learned to share chores amongst many. But the thing I loved the most, is when he understood how much dogs mean to me and how much I want one, as soon as I was given you guys, your father adjusted from being scared and apathetic about dogs to someone who loves you just as much as I do.

For two years we lived out of 711 chicken, small condo, iced coffee from mcdo, and PallMall for me (I mean come on PallMall? seriously?) for we were way too young then, so money was a problem, specially since the relationship was not yet made known to our parents. What remained constant was our love for one another, I guess maybe that was the enabling force that pushes us to survive despite everything we’ve gone through.

During our second year mark, this was the time when we started to enter the real world, had our first jobs, got lost in a sea of entry-level people, and got a taste of what it’s really like to be out there. This took a toll on the relationship. we lived back with our respective parents, and our relationship kinda withered down from there, we seldom talk, we hardly text and we never go out together, we just have the occasional sleepovers. At the third year mark is when it all went down, your father made, what he now calls the biggest mistake of his life, which ended the relationship for a good 6 months.

Here’s the thing about love kids, if it’s true, it’s true, it may disappear at times but it will always come back to you.  We got back together and worked hard to fix what we once have, and I have to say, it was one of the most challenging things I’ve personally done but my mantra at the time was, as long as both of us are willing to work for it, as long as there is love, as long as we both think we’re end game, we can do it, and we were able to do it. We got the romance back and was better than we’ve ever been. It was like the 6 months we were apart only gave us the opportunity to mature independently and come back stronger as a unit. A lot of couples experience the good and the bad in every relationship, but not everyone survives the bad, which is why I’m proud of our history as we were able to overcome a lot of bad things and came out the other side stronger than ever. We even got engaged on our 5th year mark, but more on that later.

There are plenty of reasons why I love your father, I love the way he shields me from the sun when my allergies are acting up, I love how he kisses me before going to work and when he arrives, I love how he hugs me when I’m anxious, I love how he supports and believes in my ideas no matter how insanely crazy they are, I love how he snores which makes me feel not alone when I’m studying all night, I love how he always has a positive outlook in life  and most of all, I love how he takes care of me and he loves me.

“Love is just friendship that caught fire” they say. I look back and realize a lot of things that led us to today, like if your father and I weren’t the sluts we were back then, we wouldn’t even become friends, if I haven't had my heart broken I wouldn’t have been a slut, and if I left the political party I wouldn’t have met the person who would change my life forever, but most of all I realized how funny the shooting star made my wish come true. I asked to be happy in a specific situation but instead made me happy in another situation. My wish to become happy and have an awesome love life came to fruition without me even realizing it.

I’m happy and thankful for all the experiences, troubles, heartaches, triumphs and failures that we’ve went through, were it not for any of those, I would have never met the most amazing, most loving, most caring person I ever have, I would never feel the love I once was so thirsty for, and I would never be with the person who eventually will become my man for the rest of my life. 

HEY! Thanks for sticking with me till the end of the story. As you all know, I'm doing an all LGBT related articles for the month of June. If you want to know more you can check out these articles I've previously published...


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