10 Signs You Are Now a TITA

August 27, 2018

About 3 years ago Tita's of Manila took social media by storm by poking fun of the so called "Tita Culture." while some might not bother anymore, it is just as relevant then as it is today. Here's our top 10 list of what makes someone a tita

1. You enjoy grocery shopping

SNR anyone? Titas love to go grocery shopping. Not only is it a way for them to get what they need, but believe it or not, it is a way for them to relax.

2. You carry a huge bag that contains almost anything

You always carry a huge bag that has almost anything you need, one that can rival that of Dora’s backpack. People often ask you for stuff because they know you'd always have some prepared. You are a girl scout, if your bag has a sanitizer/alcohol, tissue, some kind of snack or candy, water bottle, and a bunch of receipts and bank slips, congratulations! you're a tita.

3. You prefer wine over anything else

You start developing an expensive taste, cheap beer and hard liquor isn't your thing anymore.



4. You are Highly Critical of Everything

People can either love or hate you for it, you start criticizing even the smallest of things, and are not afraid to complain about anything. This is because Titas have acquired a certain level of standard, and because they understand what they deserve.

5. Adobo is your specialty

You make a killer adobo, it's your go to recipe when entertaining people. 

6. Chikka is life

You live for the chikka, there's nothing you enjoy more than going out with your mare for an afternoon full of gossiping and exchanging stories


7. Koreanobela Now and Forever

If you prefer to stay at home and binge watch koreanobelas, you're a tita. You know all the latest shows, all the actors, and the subtitles never bothered you. Sorry readers, I cant provide concrete titles and actors, as I'm not much of a fan, but good for you if you are *kisses*

8. Orchids is Life

Shopping or taking care of your orchids is a huge part of your daily life.

9. You Love the Gay Lingo 

Titas loooove to use the lingo of my people. You probably heard them saying "charot" "chos" "skawala lumpoor" etc. They've adapted and they're lovin it, and we love you too titas.


10. Your Plastic Containers are Important

Plastic containers or as we filipinos call it, regardless of brand, Tupperware (based on the brand). You feel like it's god sent. You treasure it just as much as your hand sanitizer or alcohol.

So, are you a tita? if you are, congratulations! grab a glass of wine and celebrate all your wonderful quirks. We love you.


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