10 Types of Girlfriend/Boyfriend and How to Make It Work

August 29, 2018

When you’ve been in a lot of relationships, you begin to understand that there are no such thing as a perfect relationship, in fact,  you have to work hard to make things perfect for the both of you. Of course the people who are currently wearing their love goggles or in the honeymoon phase are to contest this, that’s because these people are often blinded by their love . But in time once the love goggles wears out, you’ll realize who your partner really is. 

We are all humans and are therefor flawed, while it’s nice to say that the person we love doesn’t care about our flaws, the same is only true if we are aware of these flaws but are just willing to look past it. 

These are some of the Boyfriends/Girlfriends that you may encounter in your lifetime (or you could be one of these) and how to make it work, if it’s worth saving.

These are the partners who are way hot, but sorely lacks in the intelligence department. We usually enter in this kind of relationship primarily for bragging rights, aesthetic purposes, and/or voyeuristic intentions. We use our no-no parts to do the thinking for us, and our no-no parts are way into the looks that you tend to oversee the reality of his/her IQ.


How to Make it Work: We have to qualify as there are two types of dumb people, the humble dumb and the obnoxiously stupid. 

A humble dumb is someone who never claims to be smart nor does he or she act like one. If you’re with a humble dumb, don't fret, it’s workable as they’re pretty harmless. People are complex beings, try to focus on their other qualities, are they hard working? are they super kind? are they family oriented? I’m sure they have other qualities you’d love.


An obnoxiously stupid partner, is someone who thinks and acts like they’re smart but in reality anything that comes out of their mouth are destructively dumb. Just dump the jerk, it’s hard to argue with this kind.


They’re not smart, nor kind, nor good looking, nor loving, nor hard working, and offer absolutely nothing to the relationship, literally. You wouldn’t want to date one of these losers. The thing with the WTF is that they have this ability to get you to fall in love with them regardless of their many many flaws. Once you’re smitten, all his/her BS are practically invisible to you. You often will carry the load of the relationship. These are the people who are only your partner when it’s convenient for them. They don’t make the time and the effort to be a good partner. You’ll know them if they are only present if it benefits them, most commonly during a bootycall (ouch!) 


How to Make it Work: Dump the jerk, you’re better of single

Are you in a relationship where your partner has control over your every single move? if yes then you’re with The Parent. These partners try their best to change who you are as a person and has the ability to decide whether or not you can go out with your friends or go to a party you were invited, and the likes. They're always on you with eagle's eye and can get pretty obsessive towards your every move



How To Make it Work: While people often say “Nakakasakal sila” you have to understand that they are the way they are for a reason and that’s because of their trust issues. Don’t take offense if they don’t trust you it’s probably a product of his/her past or your own doing as well, If you love the person, try your best to abide, as it's pretty harmless to begin with, till such time that they actually trust you fully.

These are the type of people you won’t believe exists, TGTBT stands for Too Good To Be True. They’re hot, they’re smart, they’re kind, they’re active, they’re caring, and everything you'd want in a partner. They're the whole package! While it seems ideal to have this kind of partner, it can be a lot of work. It’s hard not to feel inadequate, or inferior when you’re with a TGTBT so tendency is you go about trying your best to keep up, overcompensate on yourself and get tired doing it.

How To Make It Work: This is a YOU problem not theirs. If you feel inadequate or inferior because of your partner’s strengths and over all personality, you have to realize that they chose you, they love you for who you are. There’s nothing wrong with changing yourself for the better but if your reasons are because of insecurities, quit it hon, He/she loves you just the way you are

These are the asses of society, the ones who just can’t keep their no-no parts for themselves. They are always out in the wild, acting like a predator to anyone dumb enough to fall for his/her BS. It is probably the hardest relationship to be in specially if you’re way in too deep while your partner is chasing other people. 


How To Make it Work: It is true that there are people capable of change, but there are those who just can’t keep his/her hands to theirselves, if you are with someone willing to change, you can’t do anything but to let them prove themselves worthy. However if you’re stuck with someone who can never change, just get out! dump his/her sorry ass.


The Needy, also called obsessive, and clingy, is the most common type of partner out there. Don’t be sexist fellas, contrary to popular belief, guys can be needy too, while the women in this category needs their partner for attention, love and support, the men in this category are emotionally reliant and constantly seeks validation through their partners. While the needy works for some, some find it a tad annoying.


How To Make it Work: Understand the cause, there’s always a reason why people are the way they are. They might be needy because they’ve longed for someone to love, or because they are a bit insecure, or maybe because they simply think that’s the way every couple should be because of its common nature. Start from the cause, from there you can start to build a better, healthy relationship

My personal favorite type of partner, the ride or die, this is the partner who will stay with you no matter what. These are supportive and admiring partners that are for keeps. If you have one, don’t let them go, in a world full of selfish, entitled people, it’s quite rare to find one.



How To Make it Work: Just take very good care of them, reciprocate the support and the love given. These type of people eventually tires when their efforts are not being reciprocated. 

They commonly say opposites attract and the belief is not without a just source. We often find ourselves falling in love with someone who is different from us, because they represent or embody someone we wish we were, or they have the qualities that are best suited to ours. The Opposite is a partner who is different from you. There could be two common problems in this relationship, either non-stop arguments, or like the TGTBT you'll find yourself trying to change who you are just to match that of your partner.


How To Make it Work: Remember this, you should never change who you are just to impress anyone, if you’re feeling the pressure to keep up or to be at the same wave length as your partner, chances are he/she is feeling the same way too. It’s all about accepting and respecting your partner and the differences between the two of you. 

As far as arguments are concerned, that is a normal thing specially to people with clashing ideologies, the only thing to do here is to respect one another and to allow some minor adjustments to happen.

This is the person all your friends hate, he/she has the ability to disguise him/herself as a very kind and well rounded person, but the truth of the matter is, he/she is entitled, obnoxious and pompous towards others. You just can’t see it because he/she puts on this persona and locks you up in a bubble of love, respect, and generosity, but once that bubble pops, my dear, you are screwed.


How To Make it Work: Again, I believe that people are the way they are for a reason, and that no one is innately bad. I suggest talking to them regarding their issues. I know a lot of people dating a douche, and they know it, but they don’t talk about it or try to fix it, probably because it doesn’t affect them personally, but dear, eventually it will.

This is the partner who we all have heard off, that partner who seems perfect, but has this ONE HARMLESS QUIRK that is sort of a turn off or annoying to some. I.e. obnoxious laugh, terrible social skills, farts a lot, emits weird sounds, etc. Their quirks as harmless as they come, but can rub off some people the wrong way.


How To Make it Work: You do nothing, if this person really is perfect for you with the exemption of his/her one quirk, then just let it be, chances are you’re not the perfect partner for him/her either. Just call it quits and live happily ever after 

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At the end of the day, the most important thing is love, as flawed humans, we cannot expect things to be perfect for us all the time, so my only advice: As long as there's love there, and both are willing to work for it, go ahead, we wish you all the best


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